Pending Projects

White Pine County Pumped Storage Project

  • The Modern Energy Hub of the Basin and Range 
    • The White Pine Pumped Storage Project is a 1,000 megawatt energy storage project being developed in White Pine County, Nevada. The project will bring substantial economic benefits to the local community and will serve as an important element of the region’s modernized and reliable energy infrastructure. This type of system moves water back and forth between two reservoirs to store energy and generate power when needed. 
    • Learn more about the rPlus Hydro Pumped Storage Project in White Pine County. (Click Here)

Jack Caylor Park

  • The Jack Caylor Park is the closest park to neighborhoods in this part of Ely. The next closest park is four miles away across Highway 93. The park will also be used during social events at the Nevada Northern Railway's Freight Barn reception center and will be an area that serves the residents and visitors to the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum and the City of Ely. The continued enhancements at the park will 1) eliminate safety hazards, 2) create ADA accessibility, 3) solve public health and safety issues, and basic service needs, and 4) allow for an inviting place for social events in the community. The project will complete a deliverable that was unable to be completed with the first award (WP06).

Ruth Memorial Mining Park

  • The goal of the Ruth Mining Park is to honor all those who served and/or lost their lives in the mines within and around Ruth, NV, specifically, the Robinson Mining District. The enhancements at the park will: 1) allow for the viewing of old mining equipment previously used in the mines; 2) eliminate safety hazards, 3) create ADA accessibility, 4) eliminate public health and safety issues, and 5) allow for an inviting place for residents and visitors to visit and honor those employees who worked at the mines and/or lost their lives while working.

Duck Pond Renovation

  • The significant project objectives are to improve the quality of community and visitors' use of the park, and improve the community's ability to host events in the park. This proposed project is designed to modernize the White Pine County Duck Pond facility so that it continues to address the quality of life for the public with a tranquil opportunity to view and observe waterfowl, ADA access, public health and safety issues, and basic service needs. The duck pond is deteriorating, creating functional difficulties that are compounded by weather. The duck pond is a historic feature of the County Courthouse Park dating back to the early 1900's when it was initially created to be used as an ice skating rink.

Heritage Park

  • White Pine County will acquire and construct a 50-acre park on a County-owned 3-acre parcel and two parcels proposed for acquisition consisting of 23-acres offered for purchase from a private landowner, and a 24-acre land donation offered by the White Pine County School District. The proposed newly constructed Heritage Park will be located off Great Basin Boulevard in Ely, White Pine County, Nevada. The park project will increase outdoor recreation and raise awareness of the County's rich and diverse cultural heritage. Once completed, the park will connect the White Pine County high school and aquatic center as well as the Ely Shoshone Tribe's proposed park into one integrated recreation system.

Broadbent Park

  • The park was originally used for White Pine High School football and baseball games along with high school track and field events. The plan is to re-design the property into a multi-use park. the City of Ely has already expended $3,400.00 from its Redevelopment Area funding for the conceptual design of Broadbent Parks revitalization. White Pine County and White Pine County Tourism and Recreation contributed personnel and platform resources to post the survey requests, as well as summarize the results. Results from the community wide survey resulted in citizens requests for features such as a splash pad; increased picnic and shelter areas; horseshoe and cornhole pits; an amphitheater; walking paths for not only the general public but also for our senior citizens; modern restrooms and an updated concession building along with a Welcome to Ely billboard to help direct visitors to points of interest in our area.

WPC Fairground Upgrade

  • The White Pine County (WPC) Fairgrounds are an important part of the community in WPC. Several events are held at the fairgrounds every year, bringing local and outside visitors to participate and celebrate traditional cultural events and new events. Some infrastructure and facilities at the WPC Fairgrounds have reached their useful lifespan and are outdated. These infrastructures need upgrade or replacement to all-weather materials to continue providing for the increased demand in recreational and economic opportunities for WPC. An all-weather event center will also provide additional year-round opportunities for recreational events and potential increase in revenue that will go toward maintenance of the facility.

Nevada Northern Rail Way

  • White Pine County, in conjunction with the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation, will preserve a National Historic Landmark for enjoyment and education of present and future generations by restoring for operation approximately 16 miles of historic railroad track from Ely to McGill, and make improvements to the depot and trails systems within the railroad right-of-way in White Pine County, Nevada.

Marich Park/ Softball Fields

  • The Marich Fields facility was constructed in 1982. It is currently owned by White Pine County. It consisted of 3 playing fields and an announcer's stand with a concession stand and bathrooms underneath. It also included amenities such as a playground, field lighting and a parking lot. The facility has been used for nearly all leagues from little league to adult Co-ed softball over its lifespan. Volunteers and those who use the facility have donated countless hours toward improvements to the facility such as rebuilding dugouts, working infield dirt (to the best of their abilities) and more. Many if not all amenities have exceeded their useful lifespan and are outdated and in need of upgrading. These upgrades would provide enhanced recreational opportunities, better accessibility for the public, eliminate many safety hazards, optimize conservation and would reinstate the facilities reputation of being one of the best in the region.