County Manager

About Michael A. Wheable, Esq:

Michael A. Wheable, Esq. was appointed by the White Pine County Board of Commissioners to serve as the County Manager effective February 2, 2022.  

Mr. Wheable has dedicated his career to public service, having served this county for over 11 years, first as a law clerk, then as a deputy DA, then presiding as the elected District Attorney, operating a statewide private law practice, and now as County Manager; managing County departments, project development, preparing county budgets, directing the Human Resource department, driving County economic, housing, and infrastructure development, lobbying for a business friendly community, serving as the liaison to state and federal officials, and ultimately executing the will of the County Commission.

Mr. Wheable originally came to White Pine County in 2011 because of the unique combination of both career opportunity and exposure to the rugged and remote outdoor lifestyle, stating: 

“White Pine County, in many ways is still frontier country, with the freedom to grow your business during the day and risk your life on the weekends fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, prospecting, exploring, 4-wheeling, railroading, backpacking, gambling, wildlife watching, paddle boarding, kayaking, stargazing, volunteering, eating, loving, and dying.” White Pine County is open for business and adventure.”

It is noted that Mr. Wheable has served previously as a volunteer Fire Fighter and First Responder for both the City of Ely and White Pine County, and is still serving as a Tracker for the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team.


Mr. Wheable earned his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from California State University and his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Mr. Wheable first started his career at the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California as a Certified Law Clerk and Misdemeanor Prosecutor ultimately conducting jury trials, bench trials, arraignments, and multiple sentencing hearings. 

From there Mr. Wheable accepted a Judicial Clerkship appointment under the Hon. Dan L. Papez and Hon. Steven L. Dobrescu in the Seventh Judicial District based here in Ely. Mike would conduct legal research, review legal pleadings, administer and participate in the Seventh Judicial District Court's Drug Court Program setting the stage for his position as a Deputy District Attorney where he mainly focused on high level drug trafficking, financial crime cases, and Nevada Supreme Court litigation.

After working as the Deputy District Attorney Mr. Wheable was elected by the citizens of White Pine County as its District Attorney. For the next 6 years he would supervise county litigation, all criminal prosecutions, advise the County Commission and H.R Manager, and manage the County’s attorneys and staff. All in all, as a top tier attorney he successfully managed a statewide private practice, served a term as Special Litigation Counsel for Switch, LTD., litigated thousands of cases, including three murder cases as a county prosecutor, provided guidance on employment law, negotiated collective bargaining agreements, and provided valued counsel on various other aspects of county policy and business.

Mr. Wheable’s special accomplishments include helping found the Boys & Girls Club in Ely, the planning and building of a 34 million-dollar new Courthouse and Jail, serving on the County Audit Board, planning and developing with other community members a SNPLMA funded 50 Million-Dollar County Park and Rec center, and currently is serving on the local Hospital Board as a Trustee.

If you are thinking about relocating your business to Nevada or interested in housing development, email Mr. Wheable immediately. On behalf of the County, he holds various vacant county parcels that are available at reduced to no cost upon commitment of development, and has many personal connections and leads on other private property parcels that may be suitable for development. His stated priority as County Manager is creating the best possible “Quality of Life” and Economic Redundancy for all White Pine County residents and future generations.

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