Health & Safety Program


The Safety Committee Primary Duties include:

  • Provide a forum for open two-way communication between management and employees.
  • Consider health and safety-related issues brought before the committee and following up on those issues as deemed appropriate. 
  • Conduct and review safety and health inspection reports to assist in the correction of unsafe conditions or practices. 
  • Review accident and injury's reports and investigations since the last meeting (ensure that the confidentiality controls are in place).
  • Evaluate the accident prevention program on an on-going basis and making changes as deemed appropriate. 


The Safety Committees can be assigned to a wide variety of activities, but should remain focused on the following three major categories. 

  • Evaluation Activities- Methods of gathering and evaluating safety information in the workplace include:
    • Reviewing and addressing employees' health and safety concerns
    • Identifying potential hazards or unsafe work practices
    • Conducting safety inspections
    • Reviewing accidents and/or analyzing accident investigations
    • Reviewing safety suggestions
  • Developmental Activities - The Creation and Implementation of safety-related programs and projects that include:
    • Developing and implementing an employee safety feedback (safety suggestions) system
    • Assessing training needs and developing safety training
    • Developing and communicating safety policies and procedures
    • Selecting safety equipment vendors
    • Evaluating and recommending safety equipment
    • Recommending items for inclusion in the operating and capital improvement budget
  • Communication Activities - Methods for the communication of safety information throughout the organization include:
    • Communicating safety information to employees through emails, staff meetings, newsletters, or bulletin boards
    • Providing safety training opportunities 
    • Maintaining a safety improvement suggestions, ideas, and incentives
    • Email and Virtual meetings

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