Press Releases: COVID-19 in Nevada

Nevada Health Response07/26/2021State of Nevada adopts latest CDC guidance on masks effective Friday, July 30
Dr. Byun
Unrelated and Symptomatic Individuals Were Tested Positive in Our Community this Week
Nevada Health Response06/24/2020

Nevada Medical Advisory Team: Guidance on Directive 024: Face Coverings June 24, 2020 

Nevada Health Response06/24/2020

Face Covering Fact Sheet (SPANISH)

Nevada Health Response06/24/2020

Nevada Medical Advisory Team: What does the science say about face coverings?

Dr. Byun06/19/2020Three More CoVID-19 Cases in Ely. 
Nevada Health Response05/28/2020Testing Locator Map
Governor Sisolak05/26/2020Guidance for Phase 2 Reopening Plans 
Nevada Health Response05/15/2020Update on Phase 1 of the Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery Plan
Nevada Health Response05/08/2020Industry-Specific Guidance for Phase 1 Reopening
Nevada Health Response04/29/2020Curbside Commerce Safety Protocol 
Governor Sisolak04/29/2020Understanding Governor Sisolak’s latest Directive
Nevada Health Response04/29/2020Roadmap to Recovery
Governor Sisolak04/29/2020Best Practices for the Golf Courses
Nevada Health Response04/27/2020Nevada & Colorado Join California, Oregon & Washington in Western States Pact
Nevada Health Response04/21/2020Situation Report
Nevada Department of Health and Human Services04/21/2020Technical Bulletin
Governor Sisolak04/10/2020Federal Funding for National Guard
Governor Sisolak04/09/2020Announces Selection of Call Center Vendor, Adding at Least 100 Full-Time Operators to Manage Unemployment Calls
Governor Sisolak04/04/2020The Urge for Nevadans to join Battle Born Medical Corps
Battle Born Medical Corp04/01/2020Understanding Governor Sisolak’s Directive for the Healthcare
Governor Sisolak04/01/2020Major Disaster Declaration from President Trump for Additional Support in COVID-19 Response
Governor Sisolak04/1/2020Activation of National Guard
Governor Sisolak03/30/2020New Emergency Operation Structure to Direct the Statewide Response to COVID-19 
Governor Sisolak03/30/2020Understanding Eviction Directive Notices
Governor Sisolak03/30/2020Eviction Notice
Secretary of State
Primary Elections Moved to June 9th
Governor Sisolak03/24/2020Public Gathering Directive
Department of Motor Vehicles03/24/202090 Day Extension
Governor Sisolak03/24/2020CoVID-19 Testing Information for Health Providers
Governor Sisolak03/24/2020Nevada One of Three States Allowed to Test and Develop, Assess and Conduct CoVID-19 Testing on its Own
State of Nevada03/23/2020Emergency Regulations
Governor Sisolak03/23/2020School’s Directive
Governor Sisolak03/22/2020Jim Murren’s Response, Relief, and Recovery to CoVID-19
Governor Sisolak03/22/2020Emergency Directive on Public Meetings and Transparency
Governor Sisolak03/18/2020Work Search Requirements
Governor Sisolak03/17/2020Virus Mitigation
Governor Sisolak03/16/2020First Death Related to the Virus
Governor Sisolak03/15/2020State Action and Guidance
Governor Sisolak03/12/2020Las Vegas State of Emergency