Eligibility for county assistance is based on household income and assets. All members of the household, regardless of the relationship to the applicant, are required to supply the following material / documentation with their application:

  • Identification (picture preferred, drivers license, passport, etc.)
  • Current rent receipt (lease or month to month rental agreement)
  • Tax return (previous year)
  • Income / resources verification (paycheck stubs past 60 days, award letters from SSI, SSD, VA, retirement, etc.)
  • If unemployed; written verification from Job Connect showing you are registered for work and checking in regularly.
  • Bank account statements past three months
  • Proof of application to other resources (proof of denial may be required)
  • Vehicle registration(s)
  • Social Security card and birth certificate for all household members

Only a fully completed application will be reviewed for consideration. It may take up to two weeks to assess eligibility. All clients submitting an application will be required to meet with a caseworker for a comprehensive evaluation of assistance needed.