Fictitious Firm Name Certificates 

On February 13, 2019, The White Pine County Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 498 repealing all of Chapter 4.01 of the White Pine County Code other than those provisions regulating marijuana establishments and reorganizing the remaining provisions under Chapter 10.62 of the White Pine County Code.  The effect this has is that White Pine County NO LONGER HAS A BUSINESS LICENSE REQUIREMENT, except for marijuana establishments, as of March 4, 2019. 

On April 11, 2018, The Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 489 which placed an expiration date on all fictitious firm name forms (DBA's) on file in the White Pine County Clerk's Office of five (5) years after the initial application date. The White Pine County Clerk attempted to notify all people on file, but if you failed to update your business information after any changes, it is possible you did not receive this notice. Please see Ordinance 489 regarding this change. A link to a form is below.

Ordinance 498

Ordinance 489 (PDF)

Ordinance 490 (PDF)

Fictitious Firm Name Form (DBA) (PDF)