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Lifeguard Class / Job Opportunity
Become a Lifeguard
Lifeguards protect their community by preventing, recognizing, and responding to water-related emergencies.  Obtain your 2-year certification by taking a lifeguard course from the American Red Cross right here at the White Pine County Aquatic Center.  Courses take as little as 24 hours and emphasize hands-on training, supported by classroom instruction.

To download a job application click HERE.

To sign up for a class click here.

5 Reasons to become a Lifeguard
Kristi Lynch-Rozich

1111 Veterans Blvd
Ely, NV  89301

Ph: (775) 289-7700
Fx: (775) 289-7708

Vary please see schedule
1- Learn to save lives in and out of the water

2- Develop your leadership, communication, and teaching skills

3- Build your resume

4- Earn money

5- Stay in great physical condition

Lifeguard Class will schedule at later time

Cost: $35 for online portion with Red Cross & $80 to Aquatic Center ($80 is reimbursed after 120 hours work for White Pine County Aquatics if hired)
Ages: 15 years plus
Participants receive: Red Cross Lifeguard, Firstaid,CPR, AED, Bloodborne pathogen certification, and a safety pack

Pre-course swimming test:
300 yard swim (100 yard front crawl, 100 yard breaststroke, 100 yard crawl or breaststroke)
10 lb. brick recovery/rescue effort from 9 ft. deep area
2 minutes treading water with no hands 

Junior Lifeguard Class

Cost: $75 per person 
Ages: 11-14 years
Participants receive: T-shirt, whistle, safety pack, and free swimming for the summer if they volunteer 4 hours per week
Volunteer opportunity:  If participant volunteers an average of 4 hours a week June-Aug they will receive a free summer swimming pass.

Please call 289-7700 for more information.

Lifeguard Manual
To download lifeguard manual click HERE.

To download CPR/First-aid/AED manual click HERE.

Job Application
To download a job application click HERE.

Job Description Lifeguard

Job Description Cashier